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Arabic language for beginners. It is easy to learn

Beginners, it is your chance to learn Arabic easy and Fast
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Arabic Language alphabet course
You will learn All Arabic letters perfectly
You will learn how to read any Arabic text perfectly
You will learn how to write arabic without any problem
You will learn how to write arabic letters in each place in the word by the right way
You will learn Solar letters and lunar letters, and what the difference between them
You will learn how to say any letter with the long vowels or with short vowel

This course is really to those people, how want to learn arabic perfectly.

Alot of people have problems in learning Arabic language, and Arabic Alphabet, but her and now this problem not exist anymore, because in this course sure it will be easy for you to learn arabic language.

I am not saying this because this is my course or my work, but saying this because more than 500 student use this method, and it really help them to learn what they want to learn.

This course for completely beginners.

So i can say to you ( IF YOU WANT TO GO TO THE RIGHT PLACE, YOU SHOULD TAKE THE RIGHT DIRECTION), and this is your right way and right start to learn Arabic perfectly.


In this course you will learn,

1. All arabic alphabet,

2.how to read all alphabets with short vowels and long vowels,

3. You will be able to write any Arabic word easy,

4. You will read any Arabic book without any problem,

5. You will learn more than 500 words,

6 you will practice your skills in reading and listening,

7. You will learn solar letters and lunor letters, and what the difference between them,

8. You will be ready to the next level in arabic language, that we are coming to very soon.

Also it this course we will give you q and a .

Also we will give you texts and dialogues that you can use in famous places, as ( airport, restaurant, office, ets).

Hope you learn a lot.

Enjoy your study.

Arabic language for beginners. It is easy to learn
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