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Arabic For Foreigners - Reading & Writing | Online Course

From the creator of the Bestselling Moroccan Arabic course, Here is your chance to begin learning Arabic MSA properly.
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Master the Arabic alphabet from scratch .
Learn how to read starting with vowels (Beginner level) and finish the course reading Arabic with no vowels (Advanced reading level)
Learn how to write Arabic and build your own writing form style .
Handle the different writing forms of letters and know all the secret rules to them .
Build a fluent Arabic accent and pronunciation .

Arabic is a difficult language ! . This is what most of the new learners say to me after our first lesson together but then I noticed that a small percentage find Arabic very normal like any other language they say . These same students often showed rapid learning pace. I immediately began wondering how these small portion of learners find it easier to speak Arabic MSA than the majority of my students .

Are they special ?  Do they study more than their colleagues ?

The only way I could know is by asking them directly , and that is exactly what I did . I was shocked !

The majority of the answers I got were basically like this : "I spent a lot of time doing proper reading and learning the correct way to write before I moved to the typical <<Hello ! How are you ?>>  lessons ", this is a very unusual way  to learn a new language .I said to myself, but again what do I know ? ,I am a native speaker. If this can help a non native speaker then from now on, this will be my authentic way of teaching Arabic to my newcomers students.

I created this course to fulfill this exact goal for the type of students who can not attend live classes with me or can't find the right time to sit in for a class due to the time difference. Wherever you are in the world, you can take this course anytime you want and wherever you are !

The course will guide you through how to do the right spelling of words and master the new phonetics that are Arabic specials. You will learn the rules of writing and which form is used in its exact location in the word. While you are taking the course you will pick up a lot of useful words to enrich your vocabulary. I promise you that you will complete the course thanks to the fun games I have inside ! you will not get bored !

I will be there waiting for you to congratulate you on getting your completion certificate !

Arabic For Foreigners - Reading & Writing | Online Course
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