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Arabic for Beginners/Lower Intermediate

Study Buddy Course - Madinah Book 01
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Deeper understanding of Arabic grammar
Build a solid foundation of the mechanics of the Arabic language
Increase vocabulary
Ready to move onto the next stage in their Arabic learning journey
Understand Diptotes
Learn the difference between feminine and masculine nouns
Understand the conditions for using various demonstrative pronouns
Understand Prepositions, how to use them and the affect they have on other nouns
Introduction to the world of verbs
Learn the difference between the subject of a nominal sentence and the subject of a verbal sentence
Understand the rules pertaining to the possessive construction in Arabia
Learn how to count from 1-10 when the thing you are counting is both masculine and feminine
Learn the difference between the sound masculine and the sound feminine plural
Learn the broken plural in Arabic

Are you SICK and TIRED of studying Arabic online with sub standard quality?

Perhaps your FRUSTRATED with the conventional method of the teacher standing in front of a white board whilst you struggle to read the writing on the board?

Do you find it DIFFICULT to focus on the free Arabic learning online content whereby you have to sit for hours in front of a screen?

Ever WISHED you could have your own personal online teacher mark your work and check your progress?

Are you WORRIED about subscribing to a decent course but having to pay extortionate fees on a monthly basis which limits your access to the course the moment you stop paying?

Tell me about the course?

This course without fail is the most comprehensive Arabic language course on Udemy! In this course, we will cover the famous beginners/lower intermediate primer, Madinah Book 01 as taught in the prestigious Islamic University of al Madinah, Saudi Arabia. This book consists on 23 Lessons and covers all the basic essentials for the beginner- lower intermediate student of the Arabic language. You will learn how to form sentences and understand fundamental grammar contructions that will enable you to build a solid foundation for your future studies. This course will also include regular homework with video explanations and downloadable answer sheets. We will also provide regular downloadable short quizzes and exams.

We distinguish ourselves from other online courses both free and paid by our genuine care and consideration for the development of our students! Our high quality videos and digitalised text helps maintain the high end user experience you deserve. Our content is beautifully layed out with a clean and very user friendly interface. Gradually work your way through each video and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section underneath each lesson.

We specialise in teaching students to master the Madinah Book Series 1, 2 and 3 as taught at the Islamic University of Madinah written by Shaykh Dr. V. ‘Abdur-Raheem. The ARABIC COURSE for English-Speaking students is a comprehensive and popular course for the teaching of the Quranic and Traditional Arabic, catering for the non-Arabic speaking students from all over the world. Over the years, this course has enabled students to become competent in their use of the Arabic language and to participate and benefit from scholarly pursuits such as Quranic exegesis, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, History, and classical and modern Arabic literature.

Our content is detailed, but to the point so you need not spend endless hours in front of your computer.

Who is this course ideally for?

This course is ideal for students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Arabic language. This means you are able to read and write in Arabic, even at a very basic level but now you are ready to take it to the next stage. We at Maysoor Arabic are passionate in our commitment to you to help you get there!

How many lessons are in the premium course?

The book includes 23 lessons in total,  however as we have split some lessons into various parts, there are more than 23 videos for you to work through. You will be given homework after each lesson and periodic exams during the course. Both the homework and the exams will be marked by your course instructor with feedback provided. You will also be given access to your instructor to ask questions throughout your journey!

What does the book focus on?

The book focuses primarily on Arabic grammar, however you will learn a lot of everyday vocabulary in the book. There are a total of 23 lessons and most lessons introduce approximately 2 – 4 new rules. You will learn how to construct both nominal and verbal sentences as well as have a solid understanding of the fundamental elements that are required to construct such sentences. You will also learn how to read Arabic without the vowel sounds and gain an understanding and appreciation as to why words in the Quran end with the vowel sounds they do.

Will I be able to speak and understand Arabic by the end of the course?

This largely depends on your ability and how much time and effort outside of the lessons you are putting in. Studying Arabic is like anything in life, you get out what you put in. If you are not memorising vocabulary at the end of each lesson and sentence structures etc, you will find that you will not benefit from the course. However, on the other hand, if you are self-motivated and are making a conscious effort and apply yourself properly, you will find that not only will you be able to express yourself in a wide range of situations, but also understand the usage of the language.

What if I’m not happy with the course and want a refund?

Each student will be given a 30 day money back guaranteed grace period. If you are not happy with the course or feel it is not for you for any reason, we will refund you immediately with no questions asked! 

Who is the target audience?

  • For students who have  basic knowledge of Arabic and wish to deepen & expand their understanding of the language.

  • For students who are highly motivated & can self study.

  • For students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the language.

Arabic for Beginners/Lower Intermediate
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