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Arabic for Beginners

Learn how to read and write in Arabic
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The basics of Arabic that would enable you to read and write in Arabic
Arabic letters and how to write them based on their position in the word
Forming words using Arabic letters
The pronunciation of Arabic letters
The vowel marks
The definite article
The pronouns


This course will teach you Arabic from scratch. It will teach you how to write in Arabic and pronounce Arabic words. This course is for everyone regardless of which type of Arabic (MSA or Spoken) you will choose to learn in the future because it gives the basics of Arabic. I will be available for any question or consultation regarding the material taught in this course. You will learn through recorded lectures and assignments about Arabic letters and how to write them and read them. You will learn about vowel marks and definite article and how to use all this knowledge to form Arabic words. I will also go over the pronouns in the last lesson. I will always be available to answer your questions.

Arabic for Beginners
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