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The Ultimate AppArmor Tutorial: Save Time, Stay Safe

Learn how to secure a Linux computer in under an hour!
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How to use AppArmor
How to prevent Linux apps from accessing the internet
How to prevent Linux apps from accessing directories, reading or writing files
How to create and use AppArmor profiles
How to secure your Linux computer

One thing in IT is for sure: you can never be too safe. Security is one of the most critical topics in the world these days, as cyberattacks happen extremely often and affect computer networks of major companies, as well as individuals and their personal devices. This can result in significant financial losses, as well as emotional damage.

When looking at how to secure a Linux computer, you will find there’s more than one solution. One of the simplest ones is called AppArmor. In this Linux security tutorial, Frank Anemaet will explain how to use AppArmor, how it works, and how it can improve the security of your personal device.

AppArmor – what it is and how it works

Before we start our AppArmor tutorial, you should learn what it is and why you should be using it. AppArmor stands for Application Armor. Ever since version 2.6.36, it comes with the mainline Linux kernel. To implement it, you need to use the Linux Security Modules interface. The main idea behind AppArmor is managing the access capabilities specific applications have – for example, you can forbid a particular program from reading or executing files. 

Another option on how to secure Linux is SELinux: just like AppArmor, it provides mandatory access control (MAC) security. However, it has multiple disadvantages. A lot of users complain about it being too hard to set up and challenging to maintain, and the security AppArmor offers completely suffices a personal device. Unlike SELinux, learning how to use AppArmor does not take ages, and this AppArmor tutorial is certainly proof of that! Getting the basics down faster means you can secure your computer much quicker. 

An AppArmor tutorial that saves your time

If you have been looking for a good Linux security tutorial for a while, you might have noticed a lot of them are long. They take a lot of your time – however, this doesn’t always mean you’re getting much more information. A lot of minutes can be easily wasted with lengthy introductions and other unnecessary talks. The thing with security is, every moment spent learning is a moment of your computer not being as safe as it should be.

In this AppArmor tutorial, you are getting all the essential information in less than an hour. Without wasting time and only taking care of the essentials, you will be able to protect your personal device in no time!

Using AppArmor profiles to increase security

To manage certain processes and permissions, AppArmor uses profiles that might run in two modes:

  • Complain mode (profiles can be violated, but each attempt will be logged)
  • Enforce mode (profile policy cannot be violated, and each attempt will be logged)

In the second section of Frank’s AppArmor tutorial, you will learn all about the profiles and learn to use them and increase the security of your system.

Being a part of Linux kernel, AppArmor is an excellent option for securing a personal device, as there’s no need to buy any expensive software. Enroll in the course now and stay safe!

The Ultimate AppArmor Tutorial: Save Time, Stay Safe
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