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Apache Spark training: build Heart Attack and Diabetes prediction projects

Choose this Apache Spark training for beginners to learn how to use Apache Spark to work with Big Data and machine learning.
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You'll build two mini projects in Apache Spark using Databricks Notebook
You'll be able to launch Apache Spark clusters
You'll learn to process data using Machine Learning model

It’s time to learn how to use Apache Spark with some real-world benefits! Create 2 mini projects in Apache Spark using Machine Learning libraries: heart attack and diabetes prediction. If you’re a beginner Apache Spark developer, Big Data engineer, machine learning engineer, data scientist or someone related to that, then this Apache Spark training is just right for you. Get the skills to focus on data problems with confidence.

Why do you need this Apache Spark training?

Machine Learning specialists are getting in high demand. The number of user-focused diverse data products is growing , so the industry needs those who can ensure personalization, provide with relevant recommendations, and make predictive insights. Traditional, outdating tools need more time to support their infrastructure than actually build models for solving problems. The reason is that we’re now facing unparalleled volumes and varieties of data that organizations gather.

Apache Spark is designed to ensure simplicity and scalability. It’s highly valued by the community for its easy integration with other tools. Learning Apache Spark and machine learning libraries will help you increase work efficiency. It copes with data problems faster and processes bigger workloads. These skills are necessary for data analysts/scientists/engineers, AI scientists, database experts, or even software engineers. Experience in this field is likely to ensure great income opportunities for many years to come.

What topics will we cover in this Apache Spark training?

Are you wondering what exactly you are going to add to your portfolio after finishing this Apache Spark for beginners tutorial? It’s going to be 2 mini projects where you will practically use all that you’ll learn in this course. You’ll build heart attack and diabetes prediction projects with Apache Spark machine learning. So, to achieve that, you’re going to cover the following topics to learn how to use Apache Spark like a competent engineer:

  • Setting up the environment (you’ll need the latest version of any popular browser, and any OS will work great in this Apache Spark training).
  • Using Databricks platform with Apache Spark.
  • Provisioning Spark cluster.
  • The basics of notebooks and data frames.
  • Writing a Spark machine learning code instantly with Databricks.
  • Using the decision tree classification model to create a heart disease prediction model.
  • Using the logistic regression model and one-vs-all model to create a diabetes prediction model.

It’s going to be a fairly straightforward Apache Spark training with a step-by-step explanation of concepts. You’re then going to do a lot of hands-on work to implement them.

Learning Apache Spark for beginners

This course is intended for beginners. However, having Apache Spark and Scala basics, as well as foundational knowledge of SQL and machine learning will be beneficial for you. This way, you can take more from this course and progress faster. I invite you to make the decision right at this moment and start learning immediately so that you can use the skills in the real world soon! I’ll see you on the course.

Apache Spark training: build Heart Attack and Diabetes prediction projects
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