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Android Studio Tutorial: How to Make an Android App with Java

Use the opportunity to learn how to create an Android app in this Android Studio tutorial, and gain fundamental Java skills to use just anywhere in the world of development
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You'll learn to build simple Android apps from scratch
You'll build a minimalist user interface
You'll understand all core concepts of Java learn coding with it
You'll get the tools and methods to solve errors and problems

Do you want to learn Android programming step by step? And do you want to gain/upgrade your Java skills? Join this course to get a complete Android studio tutorial and start building apps for Android from scratch. Plus, you’ll inevitably dive deeper into Java, which is a requirement for Android app development – and almost any other type of development in the digital world!

Why you should enroll in this Java and Android studio tutorial

The use of the Android system becomes increasingly popular and spreads over more and more gadgets (not just phones – think smart houses, self-driving cars, etc.). Demand for new apps is and will be increasing, so learning how to make an Android app with Java, even if you have nothing in common with programming now, is a good idea.

Android Studio is an environment where you can build Android apps quickly and for free. It doesn’t require expert coding knowledge, thus, a perfect place to start with. This Android studio tutorial will help you build your first app from scratch, and it’s very easy to do. So the other part of this course will be devoted to Java fundamentals, which are closely connected to Android app development. Java is like Michael Jackson – I really doubt if there are more than 2 people out of 10 who haven’t heard this name before. It’s huge because it’s everywhere, compatible with all operating systems, used in computers, video games, phones, etc. Quite often it’s the first programming language that you want to learn. And it’s quite easy to understand, it’s code makes human sense and if you want to make apps, you should think about using Android Studio for Java development.

How will you improve your value in this course?

In this Android Studio tutorial, you’ll be guided by our instructor Kaisa, who has perfect skills to introduce beginner students into the subject. She’s highly proficient with Java, Python, R, idl, and MatLab, interested in things like developing models to detect extraterrestrial civilizations, so she has a very open and creative mind when it comes to using technical knowledge. Get inspired by Kaisa!

At your own pace, you’ll be learning the following things:

  • How to make an Android app with Java using Android Studio (setting up new projects with a simple UI)
  • Java programming fundamentals
  • Using Android Studio for Java development
  • Data types and variables
  • While and for loops, conditional statements, handling errors
  • What are the challenges of Android app development
  • And a lot more!

Each topic will be accompanied by a simple Android app to make this Android studio tutorial more understandable and practical for you. Plus, this course is project-based, so the added benefit is that you’ll already have something to put into your portfolio. You don’t need previous knowledge. You will learn Android programming step by step, so join in and have fun.

Start coding and building apps now

Coding is the new math, so a modern human being will have better chances to rule the future when they learn this stuff. Use this Android Studio tutorial to get those must-have skills and get on the way to your new hobby or even a new promising career by using Android Studio for Java development.

Android Studio Tutorial: How to Make an Android App with Java
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