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A Simple Android Studio Course: How to Make a Drawing App

Improve your Android application development skills by learning how to make a drawing app in Android studio!
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How to use the Android Studio IDE
How to make a drawing app in Android Studio
How to monetize your app using AdMob ads

Knowing how to code an Android app is one of the most valued skills a programmer can have these days. According to statistics, three out of every four mobile devices in the world use Android as their primary operating system. Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, and a whole bunch of other smartphone manufacturers sell millions of products every year. The number of people who choose to browse on their mobile devices keeps growing every year, too.

To accommodate the society and its ever-changing habits, the businesses have to react. Nowadays, no company that wishes to have a strong online presence can afford to think a simple website will do. First and foremost, you need to be mobile-friendly… And this is where this Android Studio course comes in.

First of all, why Android Studio?

As of now, there are almost three million applications on Google’s Play Store, including but not limited to games, social media apps, and other handy tools. The majority of them have been written using the Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE). Needless to say, a good Android Studio course is a must for every aspiring mobile developer wishing to dive head-first into a lasting professional career.

You can download Android Studio IDE free of charge and use it on Windows, macOS, or Linux. The software supports multiple coding languages. In this Android Studio course, we will use Java, as it is the official language of Android mobile development.

Android drawing app tutorial – for your first project

This Android drawing app tutorial consists of two sections, each having three separate lectures. In just over two hours, I’m going to teach you how to make a drawing app in Android Studio from scratch. In the first section, we will go through each and every step of making the drawing application, including but not limited to creating the user interface (UI) and the Paint View itself, as well as adding the features allowing the user to choose the size and the color of the paintbrush.

In the second section of the Android Studio course, I will explain to you how you can include AdMob ads in your application. AdMob is an advertising platform that works on Android and iOS and is created and maintained by Google. AdMob allows app creators to promote their projects using in-app advertising. Following my instructions, you will understand how to code an Android app that is both profitable and fun!

Where this might lead

After you review this course and go through every step, you will have a working drawing app that you can use in any mobile device that uses Android. Understanding how to make a drawing app in Android Studio can become a nice first step in learning to work with a world-famous IDE.

As your skills strengthen and your self-confidence rises, you will surely be able to take up more elaborate projects. Every great journey starts somewhere – and I hope my Android Studio course will be just the push you needed.

A Simple Android Studio Course: How to Make a Drawing App
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