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Android Game Development Tutorial - Create Your First Mobile Game

Learn Android game development with and get Flappy Bird source code for Android Studio and Java in SurfaceView
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How to Build a Game Just Like Flappy Birds
How to Create a Game Loop
Learn and Understand the Basic Framework for Games
Perfect Your Skills With Java

2D mobile game development is experiencing a real comeback as of late. People are seemingly rediscovering their interest in these types of simple, yet attractive games. This, in turn, leads to an increase in interest in Android game development. However, to become a successful game developer and learn how to make a mobile game that would wow the masses, you’ll need to study both the essentials of game development and all of the additional skills that you might need. And that is exactly what this Android game development tutorial using Android Studio will help you to do. More over, you will get the simple game Flappy Bird - source code for Android Studio.

Why Learn Android Game Development?

It’s no secret that Android game development is something that a lot of people love to look into. However, when it comes to the “why?”, everyone has their own reasons. One person wants to learn how to create Android games for their own, personal use - others need a mobile game development tutorial to get skills for their jobs. The up-side of this is that it’s a universal skillset - once you delve into 2D game development for Android and learn how to make an Android game, a lot of potential career opportunities open up for you. Since there are quite a few million-dollar Android games that are famous for their simplicity, you’ll find a lot of companies that are trying to create the next best thing in the market. These companies need top-tier professional developers that would not only know how to create an Android game, but how to then also manage it.

If working in a team isn’t really your thing, Android game development can be extremely beneficial for solo projects, too. If you have a clear vision of what you want to create and are sure that you would be the best person capable of reaching that goal - awesome! Mobile game development is amazing in that it allows you to create the games yourself by providing all of the necessary skills to do so!

What You’ll Learn in This Simple Android Game Tutorial

Even though Android game development is a popular topic indeed, there are a lot of intricacies involved if you want to truly master it. That’s why it’s important to take a Android Studio game development tutorial that would truly aid you in learning how to make an Android game. Once you enroll in this Android Studio game tutorial for beginners, you’ll see that it is all you need to have a great start in learning how to make a mobile game! This Android game development tutorial for beginners is assembled in a way that avoids steep learning curves, letting you set your own pace and learn the information in a comfortable and acceptable period of time.

A lot of online courses offer dry and somewhat generic lessons that seem to last forever and don’t really leave a lasting impression at the very end. You will find nothing of that sort here, however - as you study the course material, you will have the opportunity to create your very first 2D mobile game, similar to Flappy Birds! You will be provided with Flappy Bird source code for Android Studio as well. All that you need to get started is some basic knowledge on how programming works and the latest version of Android Studio installed. Don’t waste any more time - enroll in this simple Android game tutorial and start learning Android game development today!

Android Game Development Tutorial - Create Your First Mobile Game
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