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Android Development Tutorial: 5 Android Projects with Source Code

Learn how to start an app and get 5 Android projects for students in one Android development tutorial
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You will build 5 real-world apps using Firebase database
You'll master the basic elements of any Android app
You'll get practical experience building Android apps and advanced from the basic level Android developer

Do you want to learn how to make an Android app? Of course, you do. And then you’ve been searching around to find an Android app development tutorial with plenty of Android projects with source code, but you struggled, right? What can I say – welcome to this Android app development course where we've prepared 5 Android projects for students: job portal, expense manager, online store, and other things that you’ll add to your portfolio. This is a huge practical value that you can pick up in nearly 14 hours of learning with me on how to make an app in Android studio.

Android app development tutorial to jumpstart your skills and boost your career potential

Android market is enormous and growing rapidly. You and I were the witnesses of the mobile revolution, and there are even more gadgets, robots, and other devices to be built that will be powered by Android (think smart cars, smart houses, smart everything!). If you learn how to make an Android app today, you’ll instantly get an advantage over all the others who are lazy to take the first step and start doing things.

Ask a 15-year-old what he or she wants to be in life, and if they say they want to be developers, ask them what’s that they’re already doing. And if they’re just waiting for the times when they finish high school and go to college, and then start learning how to develop things, probably they’re not going to be great developers. It’s what you’re doing right now to make your dream come true that matters. Now that you know it sit down and start learning from various Android projects with source code. First step – Android app development course!

What will you learn from the content of this Android app development tutorial?

This course revolves around practical Android projects for students where you’ll build Android apps for different real-world purposes.

  • The first few sections are going to be more technical, focusing on specific elements of Android app design, like the bottom navigation bar, button design, textview, toolbar, cardview, menu layout, and similar elements.
  • You’ll then move on to use Android Fragment, so you get a deeper understanding of how to make app in Android studio.
  • You’ll then start building real-world apps: your profile Android app, Sum of number app, Expense manager app, Job portal app, and Online store app using Firebase database.

Sections on developing the last three types of apps will be the most detailed, covering 20 to 38 necessary parts to build fully functional apps using Firebase database. Make no mistake thinking that this course is going to prepare you for landing an Android developer’s job because it takes a bit longer than that, but these Android projects with source code will be a solid step towards that direction.

It’s your time to enjoy the course

As you will see, this Android app development tutorial will get you more advanced skills at building Android apps in a fairly short time. Other students really appreciated the parts of this course where detailed, step-by-step explanations of using Firebase database are given. Senior Android developers can hit five-figure annual salary in the US, so it’s worth taking the time and effort to learn those skills. Start with this Android app development tutorial!


Android Development Tutorial: 5 Android Projects with Source Code
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