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Amazon S3 Tutorial: Store As Much as You Need for the Lowest Price

Learn how to use Amazon S3 file hosting, create buckets, manage folders, and back up your data
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How to start storing data with Amazon S3
How to create buckets and folders
How to prevent unauthorised access

Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3 is a service that provides object storages for millions of people all over the globe. Finding a cost-effective and secure option for storing all of your data is not an easy task. You might consider maintaining your own storage repository, but it can quickly lead to several issues. In this Amazon S3 tutorial, we will be speaking about a web service interface that lets you store, retrieve, and backup data easily. 

Amazon S3 file hosting lets you focus on other objectives instead of losing data or running out of free space. One of the biggest issues when setting up your own storage repository is the inability to estimate the storage space you will need. 

Overtime, you might overstep your limits and end up with insufficient resources. On the other hand, some of your storage space might be left unused, meaning that you are losing money with your software and hardware doing nothing. Instead, follow this Amazon S3 tutorial and stop worrying about the way your data is stored. 

Advantages of using Amazon file hosting 

In this Amazon S3 tutorial, you will learn how to set up storage space for your services. However, what are the benefits of this web service interface when compared to others or to personal storage repository? Well, let’s take a closer look. 

First of all, Amazon S3 file hosting treats all of your data as objects that you can store and archive. If you are constantly worried about losing data, Amazon is here to make sure that all your data waits for you safe and sound. How? 

Well, S3 hosting automatically makes copies of your data on several devices and across multiple facilities. Additionally, you can restore various versions of your files from buckets. Therefore, if you need an older version of your object, Amazon will have your back. 

Furthermore, Amazon file hosting guarantees that your data is secure by transferring data on SSL. Another beneficial feature is that you can manage who gets to access specific information. 

However, one of the greatest features of Amazon S3 hosting is the fact you will pay for the amount of storage you use. Therefore, you do not have to indicate a specific number that you expect to use. Instead, you will pay a realistic price for the services provided. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this Amazon S3 tutorial, we will be going over the step-by-step process of starting to use this service. Before starting, you can use the official calculator to determine how much you might need to pay based on your regular storage needs. After you connect to your S3 account, you will need to start creating buckets, and in those buckets, you will create folders. Then, you will be able to upload files into these folders for safe keeping. You can consider buckets as separate departments in your company. I will show you a strategy for creating buckets and keeping all of your files organized and easy-to-reach. 

Additionally, this Amazon S3 tutorial will discuss the prevention of unauthorized access. For instance, you might need to protect your bucket from access outside your business. Therefore, this lecture is very relevant if you want to protect valuable and confidential data.

Amazon S3 Tutorial: Store As Much as You Need for the Lowest Price
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