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After Effects HUD Design & Animation

Learn HUD Design and Animation in Illustrator and After Effects from the Expert
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Learn the thought process behind HUD Design
Understand on screen sketches behind HUD design
Learn to use essential Adobe Illustrator Tools
Build up HUD assets and organise layers in Illustrator
Learn to Animate each and every element in After Effects
Add Smart Color Controller to control the colors of the project
Add camera, depth field, noise and green for final presentation
Workflow between Illustratror and After Effects

HUD design is not just about adding some random shapes to the screen. There is a story and a proper thought process behind each line and dot that creates a HUD. In this chapter, I will walk you through the whole process of designing a HUD from scratch to the end.

After the thought process and story, we will begin building the HUD Assets in Illustrator by keeping in mind the thought process and animation in After Effects. We will also learn the workflow between Illustrator and After Effects.

After Design phase in Illustrator, we will transfer the Illustrator HUD assets into After Effects and animate each and every layer professionally.

In the End we will add camera, depth of field, noise and Grid for final presentation.

After the course you will be able to create HUD Designs for video games, Interface,  movies, trailers, documentaries,  promo and marketing videos, this meticulously designed HUD Course comes with  all you need to create realistic and dynamic dashboards, data displays  and infographics.

You will be needing Adobe Illustrator and After Effects CC2015 for this course

After Effects HUD Design & Animation
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