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Learn After Effects Compositing form an Industry Pro

A comprehensive compositing tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about using Adobe After Effects!
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How to perform simple to advanced compositing using Adobe After Effects
How to apply basic and high-level techniques in compositing
How to improve your rotoscoping skills picked up in Vicki Lau’s rotoscoping course

The making of any live-action movie has a few clear stages – pre-production, production, and post-production. In this last one, the unnecessary material is cut out, the best shots are edited, sounds and effects are added, and the movie finally comes together as one smooth work of art.

One of the elements of post-production is called compositing, which takes place in the After Effects department. By combining many layers of the view, you bring all the effect elements together and create one complete scene. One of the best software choices for this kind of work is Adobe After Effects. In this comprehensive tutorial, a professional visual effects creator Vicki Lau will explain everything you need to know about After Effects compositing in just a few hours!

Compositing in After Effects: simple yet powerful

With Adobe After Effects compositing is not as hard as you might have initially thought! First released in 1993 and currently on version, this application is so well-known and widely-used that its team actually received an Academy Award in 2018 for its design and development. After Effects can be used for both 2D and 3D effects and is easily extensible by using various plug-ins for specific effects.

In this After Effects compositing tutorial, Vicki Lau will explain how to use the system in a beginner-friendly manner. First, you will get familiar with the user interface and the basic features of the program. Then, you will move to the specifics. In less than two hours, you will have a firm grasp on how to composite in After Effects!

What exactly am I getting with this After Effects compositing tutorial?

After you get down the basics of using the program, you will go on to actual compositing in After Effects. The topics you will be discussing include:

  • Basic compositing concepts
  • Using the green screen
  • Correcting the colors, working with color space and bit depth
  • Refining mattes and manipulating the grain
  • Creating shadows and matching them to objects on the screen

Vicki will also make sure to share all the tips and tricks about After Effects compositing that she has picked up in her years of working in professional Hollywood studios on major projects, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and the newest remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

You are also getting a few bonus lectures with this course, which include valuable advice on how to get a job in the Hollywood movie industry and how to get your dream position of the visual effects supervisor. Make sure to watch them – the more you know about the industry, the easier it is to climb the career ladder!

The one composing tutorial that respects the value of your time!

While it might seem like a challenging concept, learning how to composite in After Effects does not need to take heaps of your time! Working in such a massive industry, Vicki knows perfectly well every minute is precious – therefore, she has made this compositing tutorial as concise and informative as it can be without wasting time on unnecessary blabbing. After all, the quicker you get the idea down, the faster you can get to actual work! And on that note, let’s get on with the After Effects compositing course now!

Learn After Effects Compositing form an Industry Pro
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