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Affording College And Getting Admitted

How To Market Yourself
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How to market themselves forever

What You Really Get In These Videos

1. Relevance:
  These videos are topical and discuss the immediate concerns of most parents and students. By contrast you will never see a video on how to get into an Ivy League school because 99% of students don't apply to them.

2. Controversial:
Many of the college admissions tips are disturbing to colleges, but they are not the market for which the videos are designed. Colleges repel at the suggestion in one video that parents make multiple deposits on the standard May 1 deadline. Another video suggests that a student should absolutely apply to at least 10 colleges.

3. Brief: 
The videos are no longer than 2 minutes in length; there's no fluff, and they're long enough to contain a lot of useful information and short enough to satisfy short attention spans in a fast-paced culture.

4. Content:
 The focus is on what strategies will work for both parents and students. For example, a video will suggest what topics must be avoided in writing the college application essay. Or, how a parent can save $11,000 by what a student does with free time.

5. Humor:
 It may be in the form of a funny story that drives the point home, or a one-liner, maybe even a facial expression. Introductions to the video's topic are intended to grab your attention. For example, "I'm going to show you how to be shallow and superficial in the college admissions office!"

6. Approach:
 Each video presents a problem and then suggests a solution. Some solutions are so simple that you'll conclude you haven't seen or read about this anywhere else. My own clients are in agreement in their opinion that these videos are to-the-point and no-nonsense all the way.

7. Themes:
 There are two: (1) the easier ways to help pay for college and (2) the easier ways to get in.

Affording College And Getting Admitted
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