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Advertising on YouTube: Get Your Ads Running and Working Their Magic Today

Find out how to advertise on YouTube Ads and why it’s worth to consider this marketing channel for your business!
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Why YouTube is a must-test marketing channel for your business
What the different types of YouTube ads are and when to use each of them
How to create YouTube Ads and set up everything correctly (a step-by-step guide)

Every marketer will tell you there’s a bunch of advertising options to choose from. You’ve got television, print, billboards, etc. However, these days there’s one clear leader: Interned ads. With people spending more time online every year, this tendency will continue to grow in the future too. According to a report issued by GlobalWebIndex in 2019, an average person has been spending almost seven hours on the Internet every day!

One of the clear leaders occupying most of this time is the video streaming platform YouTube. Sandvine states it is actually responsible for over a third of all global downstream mobile traffic. In this tutorial, I will teach you everything you need to know about advertising on YouTube to maximize its benefits!

Advertising on YouTube: why it’s worth it?

YouTube has been around for fifteen years. As of now, it has almost two billion users worldwide, and four in every five Internet users say they have a personal account on YouTube. Not only does it reach more adults than any cable network, but it also achieves a higher level of attentiveness.

Naturally, using YouTube wisely can bring higher profits to a business than any TV commercial: over 90 percent of its users admit they have discovered new brands or products using the platform. Statista estimates that in 2020 the global net revenues of advertising on YouTube will surpass 11 billion US dollars!

Find out how to advertise on YouTube in under two hours!

Sadly, the curriculum of most colleges and grad schools is somewhat outdated, so it’s doubtful anyone will teach you how to run YouTube ads in a marketing school. That’s precisely why I prepared this comprehensive crash course: in just under two hours, we will go through everything you need to start advertising on YouTube yourself.

Understanding how to make ads on YouTube starts from knowing your options. We will begin by getting to know four different types of YouTube ads, understanding their pros and cons, and reviewing a few simple examples. Then, I will explain the basic structure of the ad and each of its components. As soon as you know what kind of ad you need to create, we will move to the platform itself and learn how to run YouTube ads without hassle.

From creating the ad to seeing it shine

Another crucial part of advertising on YouTube comes after you’ve put your ad up. In the last section of this course, you will find out how to measure and track your performance. I will explain each and every metric that is available for you to follow and teach you to customize your process according to the type and aim of your business.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in – knowing how to advertise on YouTube is always a valuable skill. From understanding what kind of ad you need to tracking how successful it turned out to be, this course will lead you through every step of the process. Tune in and find out how you can push your business to the spotlight!

Advertising on YouTube: Get Your Ads Running and Working Their Magic Today
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