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Advertising on Google 101: Boost Your Market Share!

A complete Google ads tutorial for those who wish to promote their business and raise their profits!
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How to set up Google Ads step by step
What mistakes beginners tend to make and how to prevent them
How to get better quality clicks
How to optimize your Google Ads for maximum clicks at a minimum cost

Marketing is crucial for any business: no matter how good your products or services are, you will not succeed if the public never hears about it. It’s a universal rule for any enterprise, so naturally, there are multiple options to advertise your business, based on your target audience and budget. Advertising on Google is probably one of the most universal options. Why? Because billions of people use the Internet every day, and virtually all of them use Google.

For all the advertising rookies, digital marketing enthusiast Tomasz Wzietek has created a short yet informative course on how to advertise on Google. In just over an hour, you will know everything from how to create an account on Google Ads to how to select the most profitable keywords.

Why choose advertising on Google?

Every Internet user knows Google is an immensely popular search engine, but few are aware of its actual prominence. According to eMarketer, Google took seventy-three percent of the US search ad market in 2019. That is almost three out of every four ads – and in this Google ads course, you will learn how to take advantage of this vast audience. Advertising on Google is especially great for e-shops, as sixty-six percent of buyers prefer shopping online as opposed to visiting traditional stores.

In addition to that, ninety percent of the customers claim ads influence their decisions. They might purchase something at once, or simply get more information about the company. Both are great outcomes for a business, as brand awareness increases the possibility of future purchases.

Google displays the paid ads at the top of the search results, which is the first place the customer notices. This is excellent news for you: even if they don’t click on the ad, they might read it and remember the name of your business the next time they see it!

We must also note that advertising on Google is based on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This means you don’t pay a cent for the engine to show your ad to users who do not click on it. You only pay for the customers who swallowed your bait.

A Google ads tutorial that covers all the fundamentals

Advertising on Google is not too pricey – however, it does cost you money. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to do it right. In this Google ads course, Tomasz Wzietek will share all the crucial tips and tricks he has learned during his years of work experience in business. You will find out how to advertise on Google so little expense goes a long way and brings you maximum benefit.

In just over an hour, you will learn:

  • How to set up a Google ads account and start campaigns;
  • How to write engaging ads and select profitable keywords;
  • How to save by finding and using country-specific coupons;
  • How to track your clicks and conversions.

With this Google ads tutorial, you will get all the fundamentals down quickly and efficiently. Start advertising on Google and grow your business today!

Advertising on Google 101: Boost Your Market Share!
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