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Learn to Advertise on Facebook: Generate Reach, Leads, Likes & Sales

A detailed Facebook marketing course to arm you up with tools and insights on how to advertise on Facebook effectively today
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How to plan, create, optimize and scale Facebook ads
How you can generate likes for as low as 0.01 USD
You'll learn from examples of selling digital products via Facebook
How to create 50+ types of Facebook ads

Some mind-blowing numbers: Facebook has 2.32 billion monthly active users; 1.52 billion (that’s almost five times the US population!) of them log in every day. Facebook is the number 1 social network, ranking 3rd among all the websites in the world after Google and YouTube, and it shows no signs of stopping. It’s too huge to ignore. Marketers have invented quite a few strategies to advertise on Facebook, both paid and organic. In this Facebook marketing course, I’ll teach you how to get more Facebook followerrs and how to advertise on Facebook effectively, gaining 2, 5 or as much as 10 dollars return for every dollar spent.

Facebook has a gigantic potential to generate leads and sales

An average Facebook user spends 50 minutes glued to the screen and using the social network. Many companies don’t exploit Facebook ads to its fullest capacity and don't start posting ads on Facebook. Even worse, some brands use it poorly and in such way undermine their business potential. Social media is a vast area to increase exposure for your business and attract loyal clients. Facebook marketing grants you with a tool to generate leads and sales when you work competently.

The sad truth is that today, business pages reach less than 0.5 percent of their fans if they don’t advertise on Facebook. The good news, however, is that with as little as $50 you can get in front of the eyes of 5,000 to 10,000 people being able to pick and choose the ones you want to see your ads. Moreover, you can learn how to get more Facebook followers. This points to a single direction: if you’re an aspiring marketing specialist, you need the right Facebook marketing course. If you run a business, to advertise on Facebook, you might want to hire such a specialist with no delay.

A-Z Facebook ads course for beginners

This course is intended for those having little to no experience with Facebook marketing, but of course, it will be valuable to anyone who already knows how to advertise on Facebook and needs new insights on how to continue posting ads on Facebook. It's especially useful for those, who keep wondering "how to advertise my business online?".

In this course, we’ll start from the key fundamentals such as Facebook profile vs. page to generate higher organic reach. I’ll explain the common mistakes people do when setting up a Facebook page. I’ll give clear and straightforward instructions on developing a chatbot (with no development skills needed). I’ll present Facebook apps to improve your paid marketing and organic reach: this will answer your questions on how to get more Facebook followes. We’ll have the luxury of time to arm you with the necessary technical tools.

Next, we’ll (well, you will) start advertising on Facebook. You’ll see how you can plan, create and optimize Facebook ad campaigns and scale them effectively. I’ll share my experience on how you can create 50+ different types of ads that you can use to advertise on Facebook. I manage optimizing ads in such a way that spending 2-4 dollars will generate 5-20 dollars back.

Fancy 25,000 likes in a week?

You’ll see how I managed to scale my Facebook page to more than 25,000 likes in a week! You can do so, too. Join the course today, and learn how to advertise on Facebook and how to get more followers on Facebook. Trust me, this skill will generate profit for years to come.

Learn to Advertise on Facebook: Generate Reach, Leads, Likes & Sales
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