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Advanced Visual Merchandising and Store Design

Advanced Visual Merchandising and Store Design
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Principles of Design Used in Display
What is Balance
Strategies to Create Emphasis in Displays
What is Proportion
Ways in Which Proportion is Achieved

In order to design and create a display that attracts customers and sells merchandise, it is crucial that retailers should have a working knowledge of the principles of design. All of these principles of design when applied correctly and appropriately will help to create a display that is effective, purposeful, elegant, aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, when you understand the principle of design it will be easier for you to design a display for any kind of merchandise, any kind of target customers and in any kind of space.

A ‘Traditional or Symmetrical Balance’ is such that it has a large element on one side and a large element on the other side. Such a type of balance is especially suited for and effective in stores where expensive and quality merchandise is being presented.  An ‘Informal or   Asymmetrical Balance’ is such that the two sides of a display appear to be of equal weight. However, they are not exact replicas of each other. Such a balance creates a flow or rhythm and a feeling of excitement. 

In such an asymmetrical balance, a large element is balanced by several small items or an area of empty space, a bright color or a shot of lights. Several soft colors are kept in a large space. These soft colors are then balanced by one bright color in a small area. The balance occurs as the intensity of the bright color counter balances its small size.

A large object will be overpowered by small objects if the several small objects are more exciting than the large object. In situations where an object has been placed off-center or at an angle or to one side, then the space on either side of that piece becomes more important. Merchandise of similar value should be used on both sides to create a balance of pleasing distribution of weight which makes both sides of a display important and equal

Advanced Visual Merchandising and Store Design
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