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Learn Advanced Python Programming: Advanced Python Course

Discover advanced Python programming: Python magic methods, socket programming, coroutines, descriptors and more
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How to use advanced Python programming
Python magic methods
Python socket programming
Python coroutines and descriptors
How to develop GUI based applications

Once Python basics are learned and forgotten, you might want to move on to something more advanced. That's why I've prepared this advanced Python programming tutorial. This advanced Python course is extensive: the videos take up to 30 hours, so if you remember to pause them and do the exercises together, you can have advanced activities like working with Python magic methods for quite a while.

Why should you learn advanced Python?

You can't stick only with the basics: the challenge for advanced Python programming has approached you, and it's your choice if you're going to accept it. Why should you accept it? There are multiple reasons:

  • You want to improve your Python programming;
  • You want to learn new things such as Python magic methods or Python socket programming;
  • You want to become a Python engineer;
  • You want to become a professional programmer.

If one of these reasons stick with you, then welcome to the advanced Python course!

Extensive course: not for beginners

If you want to start learning advanced Python programming, you should have at least the basics covered. When you're ready, it's time to deep dive and learn advanced Python:

  • I will show you the Python arcade module/library, which you can use if you want to create a 2D game with Python. Even though Python is not a very common choice for game development, but its universality allows us to dabble in game development too.
  • You will learn Python magic methods and how to make objects behave just like you want them to. These unique methods can also be called dunder methods because of their double underscore use.
  • You will discover how to send emails by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • You will learn advanced Python programming with threads and how you can use them to target multiple functions. I will also show you how you can use linked lists and comprehensions.
  • You will start with Python socket programming: connecting nodes on a network so they can communicate together.
  • You will learn about Python CoRoutine, decorators, generators, descriptions, regular expressions, advanced comments.
  • You will discover how to use databases with Python as we learn to use SQLite3.
  • You will use advanced Python programming to build advanced GUI based applications such as YouTube Download Manager, Text Editor, Music Player.
  • We will use Numpy to learn more about using Python to make graphs and computations.

I make sure that this advanced Python course stays up to date with the trends, so you can be sure that you can use the skills you gain here and the applications you code to add to your portfolio, CV and take as the next step towards your dream career. The best thing is that you can take the course as you please: either all at once, or make as many pauses and rewinds as you want to understand the topic entirely.

Learn advanced Python programming and become a professional Python programmer. Master advanced topics presented in this advanced Python course: Python magic methods, socket programming, descriptors, CoRoutines, fill your portfolio, and impress your future employer!

Learn Advanced Python Programming: Advanced Python Course
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