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Advanced JavaScript Course: Working with JavaScript Libraries

Learn to use 3 JavaScript libraries and advance your JavaScript programming skills
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Advanced knowledge on JavaScript libraries
How to use JavaScript libraries: Lodash, Sugar, Ramda
Advanced JavaScript functions by using libraries

JavaScript – the high-level scripting language is everywhere nowadays. It is no longer just the interactive element of the core web trio (HTML, CSS & JavaScript): advanced JavaScript gets more and more attention. In the after-flash era, it is used a lot when creating web pages and applications. One of the signs for this scripting language becoming more mature – the creation of JavaScript libraries on which this course is going to focus.

Beginners beware: approach after learning the basics

This advanced JavaScript course is aimed at a bit more advanced users of JavaScript. We are not going to tackle the basic syntax, variables, and other beginner-level theory. For this, you can check out BitDegree's JavaScript courses for beginners, or you can explore the JavaScript section on BitDegree Learn. 

After you know how programming with JavaScript works and you are ready to tackle advanced JavaScript, come back here to boost your programming skills and learn advanced JavaScript concepts such as how to use a JavaScript library.

Why should you learn about JavaScript libraries?

There have been many improvements over the years to make JavaScript programmer's work easier. Libraries are one of those changes. They have allowed programmers to explore more ways of how AJAX could be applied, and also how to connect JavaScript with other programming languages like PHP, Java.

Some of the tasks that JavaScript libraries can help you with are:

  • Manipulating the DOM;
  • Changing the dates with advanced JavaScript;
  • Working smoothly with AJAX;
  • Visualization of data.

Learning how to use a JavaScript library can advance your programming skills. With them, you can concentrate more on solution-based programming instead of looking for ways to make your functions work.

What JavaScript libraries is this advanced JavaScript course focused on?

You can find a lot of libraries that are oriented to various coding goals. This advanced JavaScript course teaches about using three libraries that can help you make your code shorter and your work more productive:

  • Lodash library tutorial: this library is mostly used to handle various objects, arrays, strings, numbers easier: you get simplified methods for iterating, manipulating, testing, and making complex functions. This simplification means that you can get away with using only one or two lines of code. Before this, when writing the actual JavaScript function, you would have used at least twice as much.
  • Sugar library tutorial: this library will help you when working with native objects such as dates. Advanced JavaScript means the ability to make it personalized or localized, and Sugar is a great JavaScript library for that. It's quite a customizable library, as users can use plugins or define their own methods for special cases.
  • Ramda library tutorial: the focused library specialized for making pipelines. The one thing that separates it the most from other JavaScript libraries is that it can allow function currying. That means splitting the evaluation of a complex function with multiple arguments into an assessment of the chain of functions with a single argument. You will also learn about this process in this JavaScript course.

Besides learning about using these advanced JavaScript libraries, you will learn about:

  • Function throttling and debouncing;
  • Prototyping;
  • Function currying.

Choose this advanced JavaScript course if you want to sharpen your JavaScript programming skills and learn how to use a JavaScript library. Make your code easier to understand and focus more on finding real solutions instead of writing an abundance of code lines.

Advanced JavaScript Course: Working with JavaScript Libraries
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