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WordPress Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial: Master This Plugin

This Advanced Custom Fields tutorial will help you get hold of the powerful Advanced Custom Fields plugin & make content creation and editing a breeze for you
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You'll learn to add custom fields easily that'll help you to dynamically organize and style content on your website.
You'll practice with creating a restaurant landing page with essential parts.
You'll understand the differences between a free and a PRO version of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin

Did you know that people publish 17 posts every second on sites that are powered by WordPress? And that Wordpress is taking around 60% of the world’s CMS market? These are impressive achievements and for a reason. WordPress is a flexible, secure, and robust solution for building virtually any website. Do you know what’s even better than that? WordPress with special plugins! In this course, you’ll learn the WordPress ACF basics: from how to install ACF to how to use Advanced Custom Fields that’ll help you make content building and editing much more comfortable both for yourself and your clients.

Use Advanced Custom Fields to build powerful templates quickly

I use Advanced Wordpress Custom Fields plugin virtually on any website I build. The best feature of this Wordpress menu plugin is that it expands your abilities to manage and customize templates, having the tools that are not there in the out of the box WordPress. With the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, you get a suite of fields and tools that will help you to streamline content editing. That will contribute to posting content much easier to your CMS users.

For example, with Advanced Custom Fields, you can link directly to the media library of your site and select many photos simultaneously, which is a huge assistance. Play around with the capabilities to duplicating, omitting, and reordering several groups of fields or modules. Create and then add a variety of pre-set modules on your template – enjoy the endless possibilities.

What are you going to learn in this Advanced Custom Fields tutorial?

First and foremost, you’ll learn the WordPress ACF basics and integration methods, and you’ll see some real-world examples of websites with this plugin in action. I’ll inspire you to organize your workflow so that you can work more efficiently. Here are some practical things that you’ll be able to do after completing this WordPress ACF tutorial:

  • You’ll learn to create a profile card. Through this WordPress custom fields tutorial I’ll show you how to add an image, name & title to it, and links to social media.
  • With this Wordpress menu plugin, you will find out how to create a menu in WordPress so that it can be used by a restaurant, for example.
  • The next practical piece of work that you’ll do will involve creating a timeline. For this task, you’ll need a PRO version of the Advanced WordPress Custom Fields plugin. For learning to create a profile card and how to create a menu in WordPress, a free version will do the work. I’ve planned that on purpose to demonstrate how flexible and powerful this plugin is and how it’ll help you control your content.

Your final project in this WordPress custom fields tutorial, as I suggest, can be designing and developing a restaurant landing page, including those parts:

  1. Hero banner or a slider
  2. The ‘About us’ section, service description
  3. Menu of your restaurant
  4. Team members
  5. Contacting details and working hours in the footer

Adding a logo and page navigation will add up to building a beautiful addition into your portfolio.

Learn how to use advanced custom fields from an experienced trainer and get ready to start!

In my experience as a freelance designer and developer, I helped to build more than 130 websites. I’m more than happy to share my experience with you so that you can build things more efficiently and more beautifully. Do this with the help of powerful add-ons to WordPress. Enroll in this Advanced Custom Fields tutorial, learn more than how to install ACF and enjoy your scaled opportunities!

WordPress Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial: Master This Plugin
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