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The Advanced Accounting Online Course: Learn Accounting Easily

Learn accounting and finance topics for startups and early-stage companies in one detailed accounting online course
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You'll build an understanding of accounting for options and warrants
You'll learn about deferred revenue
You'll get an advanced understanding of the accounting cycle

If you’re already familiar with accounting basics, such as debits and credits, financial reports, and entries in the general ledger, it’s time to move on. There’s much more to learn, and this course is precisely about giving you the ‘much more’ in accounting: we’re going to tap into advanced accounting and financial topics related to startup and early-stage companies. I’m hoping to see many students in this accounting online course who want to understand the accounting effect of special accounting topics and how they relate to your business. Learn accounting and finance more in-depth!

Who is this accounting online course for?

Startup companies, entrepreneurs, business students, executives, consultants, and anyone else who wants to understand the advanced finance and accounting concepts beyond the basics. You’re all welcome in this accounting course. The accounting world can be complicated at times. Once you learn the basics, you approach a threshold where you’ll need a further leap over that boundary. I’m here to help you learn finance and get to the next level.

In my more than 20 years of experience in accounting and working as a CFO in many different industries, I’ve seen a lot. I spent the last 10 years in corporate setting managing accounting departments, financial reporting, working closely with boards of directors, as well as external auditors. Simultaneously, I’ve been working as a CFO consultant to help growing companies with my expert knowledge and experience.

How will you benefit from this accounting course?

This accounting online course is divided into separate sections. These are all unique lessons on specific topics that contain video instruction with slides, and then I’ll share various examples from my experience in the real-world setting. This will be a more intensive course touching more topics that are more complex than in my other courses on accounting. Feel free to enroll in my other courses with accounting fundamentals before starting this course.

Here’s a quick outline of what topics we’re going to cover to learn accounting and finance:

  • You’ll get a detailed understanding of deferred revenue accounting, tracking, and reconciling.
  • How to execute intercompany and foreign currency transaction accounting?
  • You’ll understand how warrants and options impact accounting and financial reports.
  • You’ll get a solid introduction into derivatives, studying realistic examples.
  • This accounting online course will also include a sharp and to-the-point explanation about consolidating subsidiary companies.
  • You’ll understand the intangibles, types of leases, and how to account for them.
Difficult terms explained in a simple language

There will naturally be some professional jargon in my lessons, but I also try and make the language as simple as possible, almost colloquial English. This way will help you better understand the topics and learning the material to learn finance with confidence.

I also recommend watching those lessons twice and only relax and absorb the information at first with no pushing yourself to remember everything. The goal is not to make you an accounting expert, but to understand the accounting effect of those topics covered in this accounting online course. I really look forward to seeing you in this course, so let’s dive right in!

The Advanced Accounting Online Course: Learn Accounting Easily
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