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A Beginner's Guide to a Microservices Architecture

Learn the Microservices overall Architecture, Building Blocks, Key Advantages, Challenges and Industry Case Studies
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Challenges of the Traditional Monolithic Software Development
Main Building Blocks of a single Micro-Service
The Concept of a Microservices Architecture
Cloud-native Application
Key Advantages
Implementation Challenges
Netflix - Industry Case Study

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  • "As a named "Beginner's guide to Microservices..." it's 100% true. As for new into microservices, all topics are explained very clear without not necessarily "going deeper" while it will come in the next steps. Quick and valuable course". Adrian W.

  • "Great Experience and Well explained, Kudos for your Presentation." Hugo G.

  • "Powerful concept explained simply". Saurabh S.

  • "Very high level as described but elegantly explained. I enjoyed it" Grant H.

  • "Simple and effective course." Zbigniew M.


DATA IS THE NEW GOLD. It is gold for companies that can harness the power of technologies and use it while transforming their business models into the digital age and become much more data-driven. It is an amazing journey fueled with new technologies, but we need to remember that data by itself is just one part of the equation.

What about the complex software around it? That is supposed to do something useful with the data. To be able to interface with many data sources, to store massive data volumes, to provide a great user interface and automatically analyze, and find useful patterns.

Software is the Engine, and data is the Fuel.

Until recently, many enterprise-level applications were designed, developed, and maintained as one giant monolithic applications. With a once in a year software release cycle, maybe two times in a year. Every small update required to build, test, and deploy all application modules as one package.

Today more than ever, this traditional development approach is not good enough. It is not supporting the required agility of a fast-changing business landscape. Software updates should be released and deployed in weeks, days, and even hours.

MICROSERVICES is a new innovative development style, already being used by companies like Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and others. Micro-services are the building blocks for creating cloud-native applications, and therefore we will see more companies following this direction.

This training is designed to provide you a solid theoretical understanding of the micro-services concept.

  • The challenges with the old-school development style

  • The industry definition of micro-services and the building blocks of a single micro-service

  • Then we will be able to move to the macro level and talk about the concept of a microservices architecture

  • What are the key benefits of this approach?

  • Review some interesting case studies

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A Beginner's Guide to a Microservices Architecture
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