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A Beginner's Guide To 1 And 2-Point Perspective

Get a handle on 1 and 2 point perspective in less than two hours!
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What Perspective drawing is
How to build a grid for 1 and 2-point perspective drawings
How to draw using the perspective grid for reference
How to quickly sketch within the grids
How to understand object size relationships in a drawing

Using simple pencil and paper, students will learn the basics of 1 and 2-point perspective. In this course you won’t need any fancy digital products to start your drawing journey, so don’t let that stop you from getting into it and making wonderful work. We'll start with a quick overview of what perspective is and what we'll be doing with it throughout the course.

Then we'll go into the tools you'll need to complete the course: Just pencil and paper!! (Though I will go over a few other options.) Following that we'll jump right into one point perspective by learning how to place simple boxes in the space and how you can easily know size relationships which will help you with the project that runs through the course.

In the project I'll have you use what you learn to illustrate a space that could range as far as your imagination will take you to the lovely room you're currently sitting in, as sometimes the most interesting thing is right in front of us!

Lastly, I'll take you through 2-point perspective, first with some boxes in a blank space and then we'll once again draw a space that you get to create!

I hope you enjoy this course, now let's jump in!

A Beginner's Guide To 1 And 2-Point Perspective
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