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Microsoft Windows: 99 programs and tips you may not know of

Apps, tips and tricks that can save you time! Performance, hidden tools, networking hints and best programs
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By the end of the course you will have a long list of tools, tips and ideas that can change the way you used to work in Windows
You will learn time saving productivity tips and essentials
You will learn how to optimize Windows
You will learn how to boost your computer's performance
Get access to hidden system tools
You will learn which tools to use to improve Windows
PDF files with direct links to download described applications

                                  Do you use Microsoft Windows every day? You can improve the way you work and play by using tools and tips. The problem is that there are thousands of applications and articles on the Internet. That's why I decided to record a series gathering all interesting and unique tools and tips for Windows XP, 7 and 8. 

The course is about to be updated to cover the latest tools. Please bear this in mind (planned for Q3'2019).

                        More than 5 hours of videos showing you hundreds of tools and tips for Microsoft Windows. You will see most applications in action and some additional tips you can try out later on by yourself! 

                                  You will find not only videos but pdf files with links to download all tools discussed. Most things are free to download from the Internet. 

        I suggest alternatives to most applications, which means that you can find even more tools and tips. 

        Everything is designed in a nice and neat way. Videos are short to help you focus on a tool you like. It is all divided into eleven sections including some bonus applications and tips. 

                                  I discuss security, on-line applications, passwords, benchmarks, hard drive tools, tips to improve performance, hidden system options, application to view images and videos. There are some really nice 'old-school' tools I show you! 

                                Take this course to learn that you can improve the way you play and work every single day. Enjoy! 

Microsoft Windows: 99 programs and tips you may not know of
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