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1.5 Hours That Will Change Your Freelance Journey

& Set You for Success. Essential Points to Build from Zero or Elevate Your Current Freelancing Game
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How to start and grow freelance career
Secrets of successful freelancing
Modern tendencies of gig-economy
Tools and techniques to build up from zero to global freelance career

You have always wanted to have control over your destiny. You want to call the shots and make the decisions that ultimately determine the success or failure of your business. Nobody will get in the way of your vision.

My freelancer course will give you a great shot of adrenaline knowing you are in charge of your financial and emotional freedom. The flexibility of freelancing looks attractive to many, but they miss having the right tools to shorten the journey and create the success you want for yourself and your family. This course is for you if you are ready to take responsibility for the results. If you are prepared to take charge of your time, your schedule, your work tasks, your financial outcome, - then, welcome to the 90-minute course that Will Change Your Freelance Journey and Set You for Success Now. These one and half hours of proprietary content gives you all the key elements - all you need to know to build a successful freelance career that can provide you with the financial stability you want most now.

You do not need numerous books and hours of courses showing little or no return. I’ll give you the strategies used in my successful management consulting and coaching business for over a decade. We’re going to shift strategy. if you hold on, I can guide you to the life you yearn for. Focus on the elements I outline for you in these 1.5 hrs, you can increase your belief system, gain more energy, and overcome what has held you back for so long. This is your time to seize on a fast-paced one of the kind program you are destined for.

My name is Lucy. I am vice-president of a leading management consulting firm where we help people reinvent their lives and careers so they can live on their own terms. One thing the recent layoffs have taught us is that we can’t wait. You have to take charge of your own life now. I started freelancing over six years ago, and it was difficult. I didn’t know what I didn’t’ know. But I've learned how to overcome nearly every obstacle, how to change and adapt gig economy requirements, how to be resilient, and attaining the motivation to attract the success I used to dream of. Today, based on all the experience I’ve had I'm running a highly successful coaching program for starters-freelancers.

This year, I decided to share my knowledge with more people with this Udemy course.

This course opens up all the secrets you need to know to build a successful freelance career from zero or elevate your current freelancing game. Like me it isn’t just the career, you want the freedom and respect of living on your own terms.

It is time to take your destiny in your hands where I will give you the tools and motivation. In just a one and a half hours - all essentials in one place, no 'water', no 'fishing'.

It works for you if

• you only thinking to start a freelance career

• you already started by feeling lost

• you started some time ago

• but feeling stuck and want to find a different perspective

• you are ready to take responsibility for your results.

Are you ready to make this your moment in time? Message me to book a call!

1.5 Hours That Will Change Your Freelance Journey
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