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90 Second Life Coach - Extended Edition

Learn the secrets to realise and live the life of your dreams. Learn practical techniques that work in the real world.
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visualise your goal, create a strategy and plan, and have all the practical tools you need to achieve your goal

Life is hectic and moves at an incredible pace, it is tough to keep up with the modern day demands that are made on us.  This course will help you find out what you really want in life, dig below societal expectations and give you actual techniques to achieve success and find happiness in the real world.

Discover What You Really Want and Learn the Secrets and Techniques that will Help You Get What You Want in the Real World

This course is based on my Amazon bestselling book 'The 90 Second Life Coach'.  Since I wrote this book I've been asked by numerous people to convert it into a course, I've had such high demand I decided that the best way was to publish it via Udemy so it's available to all.

  • Learn how your mind can predetermine the outcomes that you are going to receive
  • Build routines that will structure your activities to bring about real change in your life
  • learn how to overcome the challenges in the world and how to harness the opportunities and potential that is already out there
  • pull together everything and blend it together so you can start living your dream life

Change Your Life Into the Life that You Want

You’re busy, insanely busy. There are things you want to accomplish in life, burning ambitions that you never seem to have time to accomplish, and the dreams that you once had now seem to be getting further and further away as you become entrenched in the demands of modern day life.

No matter how hard you work, you never seem to get to where you want to be.

No matter how motivated you get, you don’t actually progress forwards.

Motivation is great. It gets you all excited and you feel brilliant. For a while, you go off into a sprint, but soon it feels as though you’re running through thick goo and in no particular direction. No matter how fired up you are, if you don’t know which direction you’re going in, then you’re going to get lost or stuck very quickly.

Or worse, perhaps your life is drifting in the wrong direction, and the more you try to steer yourself back, the further adrift you become. You feel as if you’re helpless and have little to no control over your life. In short, your life is not quite how you had once imagined it would be. 

Well life doesn't have to be that way!  You can change your life into one that you do want.

What Will You Gain From This Course?

We’re about to embark on a journey, a special journey, a journey with the most important person in the world. It’s a journey with yourself.

Through each lecture you will get to know yourself better. And by the time you finish the course, you will have learnt:

  • how your mind and thoughts shape your reality
  • how to bring about change in your life
  • how to create your own reality
  • how the world operates and
  • how you can use that operating model to your benefit

You could either watch a lecture a day or the whole course in one go – it’s entirely feasible. I’ve structured the course into four main parts where we focus on:

  • your mind-set,
  • your day-to-day activities,
  • dealing and making your way in the world around you and
  • how to make it real

Feel free to watch them in order, to jump around a bit, or even jump completely randomly around the course – whichever way it works best for you.


Let’s go!

90 Second Life Coach - Extended Edition
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