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#9 Play Piano Trick: Easy Westminster Chimes & Bell Sounds

Use Quartal sounds to create chimes + bells effect. Apply the quartal sounds & bells to first line of Joy to the World
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CREATE bell sounds
MAKE fun chimes music
LEARN quartal theory
PLAY chimes effect
PLAY Westminster chimese
DO Staccato playing
STRIKE bell sound with deep bass
PLAY soft bell rings
LEARN easy fingering
HAVE fun creating fun sounds

Piano Style Rhythm #1:  Chimes, Westminster Chimes & Bells

In this course, you will learn the following skills:

1.  Learn Quartal Sounds

2.  Use Right Hand Fixed Fingers for Chimes & Bells Effect

3.  Use Left Hand Fixed Fingers for Chimes & Bells Effect

4.  Know where to strike the BELL sounds

5.  Know how to create Westminster Chimes

6.  Play the first line of Joy to the World to create Bell Sounds

7.  Play the first line of Joy to the World in normal chord progression

8.  Reharmonize the first line of Joy to the World with Circle of 5ths with Advanced Chords

Musicians use different rhythms and piano styles to create professional sounds to 'wow' the audience.

All you need is a slight of change in rhythm and to know where to play on the keyboard.  If you play in higher octaves, the sounds are fun and tingling.  Audience loves to hear the soft sounds effect.   If you play in lower octaves, the sounds are dramatic to stimulate a nostalgic emotional mood.

Music and sounds are fun to create!

 It turns your piece of music into a dramatic production. Music and sound effects can be used to:

  • create mood and atmosphere

  • build tension

  • strengthen an emotion 

  • help set the scene

  • indicate a change of time or location

  • focus attention on to a particular mood

Join us and have fun with these "Chimes & Bells" effect,



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#9 Play Piano Trick:  Easy Westminster Chimes & Bell Sounds
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