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9 # 16 - Algebra

Numerical expressions, Expressions with variables, solving agebra word problems, sequences and functions.
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Opportunities to engage in all eight of the Standards for Mathematical Practice described in the CCSSM occur throughout the study of algebra, although the following standards may be especially appropriate for emphasis:

• 2 Reason abstractly and quantitatively. Students engage in this practice when they seek to understand variables, expressions, equations, and functions in terms of a context and when they use contexts to help make sense of how we work with variables, expressions, equations, and functions.

• 4 Model with mathematics. Students engage in this practice when they define variables and formulate expressions and equations for quantities of interest and when they define, represent, and reason about functions.

• 7 Look for and make use of structure. Students engage in this practice when they look for the structure of expressions to determine which values are possible or to guide strategic choices in solving equations.

• 8 Look for an express regularity in repeated reasoning. Students engage in this practice when they recognize that repeated calculations could be described by a “recipe” and when they recognize and use expressions as “calculation recipes.”

9 # 16 - Algebra
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