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88 Logic - The Essential Guide To Learning Piano

Learn my theory behind the pianos 88 keys and discover a method of learning that will have you playing in no time.
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Fastest Piano course answers code to the 88 keys
Find chords easily, link chords with root notes, create and play basic chord progressions and melodies, understand inverted chords and understand Stephen Mackay's theory behind the 88 keys.

88 Logic is a theory and method of playing piano developed by Stephen Mackay. The course hands you the key to unlocking one of the simplest techniques for learning piano. Designed for those who have never touched a piano and to assist those who need help developing their skills this course works for you.

"88 logic - The Mackay Method. Giving You The Power To Play Piano In Next To No Time."

  • why are there 88 keys on a piano keyboard?
  • you will unlock a simple mathematical system of chord discovery
  • you will discover unique 16 key octave
  • you will learn how to invert chords and play basic chord progressions
  • You will learn how to create simple melodies.

"Time Poor?... The This Is The Course For You"

The real beauty of this course is in it's overall simplicity. The theory that unlocked this method of learning is a little more involved and explained in full however, even without a comprehensive understanding of the theory anyone can use this method to start playing.

88 Logic will give you the skills you need to find your way around the keyboard with confidence and allow you the freedom to find your own sense of timing, in your own time.

"It's All About You"

88 logic was designed to make piano playing easy and fun. This course is quick and simple and you will take away everything you need to get you started on your path to being a great player.

88 Logic - The Essential Guide To Learning Piano
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