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8-Week Yoga for Softball Series

Softball Specific Yoga
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Softball Specific Yoga
Recovery Practices
Preventative Injury Techniques
Visualization and Breath work practices

Yoga research has shown improvements in flexibility, balance, strength, posture, and mental performance from practicing three times a week for a minimum of 10-minutes. This online course is designed for competitive softball athletes to aid in recovery, preventing overuse injuries, and enhancing agile movements required for high performance. Throughout this 8-week course students will build a consistent yoga routine that will compliment their current training regime. Each week includes one 10-15 minute training video and a challenge pose to practice everyday within that specific week. Videos may be repeated as many times as desired throughout the week and can be done at any convenient time and location.

Please note that this series was created to help softball players create a habit of doing yoga and various stretches consistently. You will notice that there aren't any full classes included in this course because it is not intended to just drop in and do a yoga class; I want to encourage players to build a habit of practicing regularly just like they would with their hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding lessons.

8-Week Yoga for Softball Series
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