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8 Week Back Care Programme

Giving you the tools to manage your back issue.
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8 Week Back Care Programme

This course will give you the tools and knowledge to begin to get on top of your back issue - strengthen you in the correct areas to support your whole spine allowing you to get back to the simple things - improve your posture and flexibility helping to reduce the risk of further issues or injury, relieve stress and tension while increasing your day to day energy levels, develop your physical awareness and mind body connection allowing you a greater understanding of how your body works and moves - this course will provide you with longevity, strength and mobility to ultimately help you to be pain free and get you back to the things you thought may no longer be possible, no matter what level your current ability is, this course is for anyone who has a back issue.

The course begins slowly breaking each individual exercise down into bitesize blocks that are easy to understand and implement. Each individual exercise is clearly demonstrated so you can fully understand what the common mistakes are and how to apply the correct techniques onto your body. As you progress these blocks are gradually brought together in twos and threes slowly building up to a series of exercises that culminate into one continuous flow of movement. The exercises gradually increase in difficulty at a pace that will work for you and your particular physical issues, and at a pace that you can control if you need to progress slower. The course has been designed methodically to advance from week one to week eight with each week beginning where the previous one has left off. By the end of the course you will have a comprehensive physical knowledge and understanding of the work and the basic principles involved. This will give you the foundation to begin to not only alleviate you back issue but also the springboard to move onto more challenging work enabling you to get back to all the physical activities you thought were no longer achievable.

8 Week Back Care Programme
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