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8-Steps, Guidance & Tools for Easier Spiritual Awakening

With Relevant Stories, Tools & Wisdom Gained from the Instructor’s Own Journey
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How to prep for & navigate awakening experiences & Kundalini awakening
Specific, crucial steps to take to prepare for enlightenment
Tools that help prepare the body/field to take on the energy of Shakti and Kundalini
How to get through the time of testing that comes just before enlightenment
What to do in the important periods of Kundalini awakening
Using EFT to help you evolve to a higher vibration and awaken
Personal stories from the instructor about her own experiences

This course from Claire Fay of ASA gives you the 8 Commitments that prepare you for awakening and the challenges of Kundalini awakening specifically. You will learn how to use simple tools to ease your way through, prep your field and clear Karma. Wherever you are in your journey - the very start or later stages - you can benefit from this course and the instructor’s stories if her personal experiences of awakening and enlightenment

8-Steps, Guidance & Tools for Easier Spiritual Awakening
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