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8 Simple Rules for Landlords (Rental Property Owners)

8 game-changing strategies that landlords can implement to strengthen their relationship with their tenants
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After taking this course, landlords, rental property owners and property managers will be able to:
** strengthen their relationships with their tenants
**gain the respect of their tenants
** reduce tenant turnover
** build credibility and trust with their tenants
** prevent property damage
** increase their rental income
** reduce the risk of evictions
** reduce their stress
** create stability in their rental property business

Why should I take this course?

Evictions, turnover and property damage are expensive, time-consuming and stressful. For landlords, rental property owners and property managers to be successful they need great long-term tenants that pay their rent on time.  As landlords, our behaviours, our actions and our attitudes all have the ability to impact our tenant’s experience, their decision to stay or move-out, the security of our investments and our mental well-being.

In this course, Ali Alidina, the founder of Landlord Simplified, shares his simple, game-changing strategies and best practices that every landlord, rental property owner and property manager must implement to create a strong, positive relationship with their tenants in order to lower their turnover rate, protect their property from being purposefully damaged and reduce the risk of evictions.

This course is an introduction to Landlord Simplified's How to be a better landlord series.

Whether you are considering renting out your property, just starting out as a landlord or you are an experienced landlord or property manager, the 8 Simple Rules for Landlords is for you.

Who is Ali Alidina?

Ali has been managing rental properties since 2005 and coaching and advising landlords since 2010. He founded Landlord Simplified where he shares his learnings, experiences and best practices to help rental property owners overcome the learning curve in their rental property business.

I live outside of the US.  Will the content still be relevant to me?

Absolutely! The concepts presented are universal concepts that can be applied whether you live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Philippines or anywhere else.  We currently have students from over 90 different countries.

8 Simple Rules for Landlords (Rental Property Owners)
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