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Improve Your Mental Health and Productivity

Basic Solutions to Raise Self Awareness, Develop Healthier Communication Skills and Create Personal Boundaries.
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Defuse disagreements in 3 simple steps.
Create healthy boundaries.
Improve how you manage depression, anxiety and anger by learning to recognize emotions.
Build healthier dialogue using my simple Communication Formula.
Improve your communication skills in relationships.

Are you tired of having the same old arguments over and over again?

Do you find yourself taken for granted and a push-over for others?

Do people call you overly-sensitive and do you find it difficult to manage your emotions without hurting others?

Welcome to the Trigger Happi™ workshop to overcome all this using fundamental tools that's easy to use for everybody.

  • Create boundaries to establish a sense of self and identity. 

  • Reframe disagreements and defuse any argument in 3 simple steps.

  • Create healthier dialogue and improve your relationships through simple and effective skills.

  • Promote self-awareness to improve your coping skills for a healthier balance between your emotions and mental health.

Why take this workshop?

  • It's short! Your time is valuable and I give you ONLY the information that is useful and applicable so you can get started on solutions right away.

  • There's action steps - I believe change happens only when there's action steps. I provide you with tools that can be applied immediately.

  • It's easy - My workshops are designed for everyone and my approach is teaching through everyday lived experiences that's relatable to everyone.

Improve Your Mental Health and Productivity
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