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#8 Piano Trick: Rosa's 3T6 Handshape EZ RH Chord Inversion

Embellish songs by playing RH chord inversions to songs. Learn Rosa's 3T6 EZ Handshape to play inversions effortlessly.
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PLAY chord inversions of C F G G7 Bb C7
EMBELLISH melody tones of songs
UNDERSTAND music theory of chord inversions
APPLY chord inversion techniques to songs
LEARN non-traditional method to play chord inversions
LEARN Rosa's 3T6 Handshape
USE Rosa's 3T6 to play chord inversions
SPLASH 3T6 chord inversions to songs easily
PLAY chord inversions with 3T6 without analyzing
ENJOY playing chord inversions from now on with 3T6 Secret

Many students want to learn chord inversions. If you have been wanting to embellish songs with chord inversions, this is the course for you.  

In this course, you will learn 2 Methods: Traditional Method and Non-traditional Method:

1.  The Traditional Melody of playing Chord Inversions

  • Root Position

  • 1st Inversion 

  • 2nd Inversion

  • 3rd Inversion

2.  Rosa's Non-Traditional Melody of playing Chord Inversions

  • Learn Rosa's 3T6 Handshape

  • 3T6 Handshape is great for students with small hands

  • No need to analyze the inner tones at all

  • Splash them into songs EFFORTLESSLY

In this course, you will learn both the traditional method and Rosa's 3T6 Method to apply to songs.

1.  Learn Chord Inversions to Basic Chords to C Key

2.  Practice C Chord Inversion

3.  Practice F Chord Inversion

4.  Practice G Chord Inversion

5.  Practice G7 Chord Inversion

6.  Apply Chord Inversion Playing to O Holy Night

7.  Practice O Holy Night using traditional method

  • Line 1

  • Line 2

  • Line 3

  • Line 4

  • Line 5

  • Line 6

8.  Apply Chord Inversion Playing to Away in a Manger

9.  Learn Rosa's 3T6 Chord Inversion playing to Away in a Manger

10.  Compare the 2 methods and you will see how EZ Rosa's 3T6 Handshape plays inversions

11.  Apply 3T6 Handshape to play Chord Inversions to Away in a Manger

  • Line 1 

  • Line 2

  • Line 3

  • Line 4

12.  Bonus Section:  F Key Basic Chords Inversions: F Bb C7

  • Learn Chord inversions of F Bb C7

  • Play Chord inversions in Key F to Away in a Manger

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#8 Piano Trick:  Rosa's 3T6 Handshape  EZ RH Chord Inversion
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