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7 Steps to Attract Your Soulmate

Embrace Your Inner Goddess, Gain Confidence and Attract Your Soulmate!
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Learn The Different Types of Soulmate Relationships
Find out which is the right relationship for You
Gain Clarity on the Type of Relationship you Want
Create Your Very Own Soulmate Blueprint
Identify Your Love Blocks which Are Hindering You From Finding Your Soulmate
Get started on your path to Attracting Your Soulmate
You will determine your Driving Force to Attract your Soulmate.

In 7 Steps We Will Clear and Lift Your Vibration To Attract Into Your Life What You Truly Desire!

The course is a collection of 7 modules to help you clear and attract new love into your life.  You will also gain access to our facebook group where you will get support as you go on this new journey.

Module 1 : Soulmate Relationships

In this module I will introduce you to the different types of Soulmate connections you will encounter in your lifetime and how to  discern which is the best to attract into your life as a lifelong partner.

Module 2 : Crystal Clarity

In this module you will gain crystal clarity and design your Soulmate Blueprint so you are laser focused and won't settle for less.

Module 3 : Your Big Why

In this module we will delve deeper to discover your Big Why.  You will determine your driving force to manifest your Soulmate.

Module 4:  Your Love Blocks

In this module we will delve deeper into your past to discover what your love barriers you still have in your life

Module 5 : Embrace Your Inner Goddess

In this module I will help you connect with your inner goddess and gain self love, self respect and self worth.   I will take you from a ego based self love to soul based so that you start shining from within.

Module 6 : Take Action

In this module we design your dating strategy

Module 7 : Rewards and Daily Habits

In this module learn how to build yourself so it brings love into your life.

Make This Year Your Year of Love!!

This course is designed to be taken as a challenge over the next 7 days so please make sure to join the support group once you enrol in the program.

7 Steps to Attract Your Soulmate
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