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7 Days to Master Feng Shui

Creating mindfulness for the home, positively changing energy in virtually any space.
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Utilizing and trusting instincts
Learn various forms of Feng Shui diagnostics
Learn Feng Shui solutions
Enhancing Chi in any space
Becoming a Feng Shui rock star to your family and friends

7 Days to Master Feng Shui is a comprehensive course that satisfies most levels of student.  This Feng Shui course is a video course with over 40 lectures, great graphics and free downloadable information.  

The ideal student for 7 Days to Master Feng Shui is you, it is the curious beginner, the DIY audience members and even the most savvy interior designer. 

This course is broken into seven sections that are named Day1-7.  You may do as many sections in a row as you would like, however, you will also be doing homework in areas that you would like to practice the Feng Shui principles. 

This course material will change your life if you practice the diagnostic methods and other information you will learn. Here is a short list of what you will learn in this course.

Tools in Feng Shui

Chi (energy flow)

Yin Yang

9 Point

5 Element


Shapes of spaces

You should take this course if you are curious, or a seasoned professional interior designer/space planner. You will receive positive changes in energy flow throughout your space and/or those spaces of your clients.  You will also find that you feel more confident in presenting your design ideas to your clients because of this added layer of pertinent information that will contribute to their success and wealth. 

I am excited to have you for a student!

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7 Days to Master Feng Shui
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