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77-729 Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Certification

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - Complete Techniques for the 77-729 Certification Exam
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How to successfully pass the 77-729 Microsoft Certified Exam in PowerPoint and become a Microsoft Office Specialist
Be confident and competent in your use of Microsoft PowerPoint everyday business use
Be ready to begin to study to become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist
Guarantee potential Employers of your competence in Microsoft PowerPoint

The purpose of this course is to teach you all of the techniques needed to prepare you to take the  the 77-729 Microsoft Certification exam in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. Once you've completed the material and attempted the exercises and solutions - you will be ready to become a certified professional using Microsoft PowerPoint and prove that your skills are current, up to date, and certified by one of the largest software companies in the world!

Even if you don't want to take the 77-729 exam, this course will provide you with the most comprehensive explanation of every aspect of PowerPoint you can think of. With over 8 hours of lectures, together with complete exercises and video solutions, we know that every PowerPoint user will find something of value in the material provided.

Every aspect of the exam is covered in detail, together with exercises and solutions. This course has been developed by two University Lecturers with many years experience in teaching PowerPoint Excel to undergraduate students and to business clients, and who are also a Microsoft Office Specialist examiners.

If you take this course and follow the guidelines provided, you will enhance your chances of obtaining this valuable qualification. Prove your skills by obtaining independent certification from Microsoft and impress potential and current employers with valuable and useful business skills.

77-729 Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Certification
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