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77-727 Microsoft Excel Core Exams and Video Solutions

Excel Core 77-727 MOS Exam - 3 Practice Exams, 21 Projects and 105 Tasks with Video Solutions!
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You will have complete certainty as to the type and level of the questions asked on the 77-727 Certification Exam for Core Excel.
You will be ready to take the 77-727 exam if you can manage to complete the assigned exercises in the times specified.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with three complete practice tests which are prepared at the level required to pass the 77-727 Microsoft Certification exam in Core Excel.

Each practice exam is divided into seven projects with a total of 35 tasks for each exam. That's 21 projects and 105 project tasks all geared towards the 77-727 exam. 

Advice on preparation, how to approach the exam, what the interface will look like and which areas of the Objective Domain to focus on is provided.

Tips on issues you will encounter with particular questions types is also included.

The solutions to all of the practice projects are provided in the form of video lectures in which the instructor explains how to approach the project and how the solutions are derived.

If you can master the practice projects included in this course you will be confident in your abilities to master the 77-727 exam.

77-727 Microsoft Excel Core Exams and Video Solutions
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