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You Can Teach Your Child to Read Very Successfully!

Teach your child the 70 phonograms and make a huge difference in your child's life by ensuring success in reading.
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Learn 70 phonograms and associated sounds
Develop love for reading
Develop reading fluency

This course is for parents with a desire to take the initiative in helping a child learn to read. There are no pretty pictures or fun games here. You must work hard and expect your child to work hard. The rewards are immeasurable as you watch your child learn to read!

Children will learn 70 phonograms and associated sounds over 18 lessons. They will understand that words are made up of parts that are easily sounded out once known. As the reader continues to practice, fluency will increase.

Supplemental materials include

    ·A checklist to track learned phonograms

    ·Phonogram flash cards

    ·Phonograms in mp3 format

    ·Practice files for use with WinFlash

    ·Suggested resources to be used for practice

    ·Phonogram Master certificate

    ·ZIP file of the CD that led to this course

As mentioned, the course will include 18 lessons. Each lesson typically includes:

    ·4 new phonograms with associated sounds

    ·Sample words sounded out using the phonograms learned so far

    ·A list of phonograms learned so far

    ·Suggested activities

There will also be lessons on sounding out words, reading strategies and the FIVE reasons for silent final e. The latter is one of my favorites.

After using the phonograms to teach 1st Grade, teach my own children and tutor third graders, I’m convinced all children should know the phonograms in order to understand our language more fully. This course is an excellent way for parents to help their children do this. Children who know the phonograms learn to read, think, spell and experience success. And you get to be part of that wonderful journey!

You Can Teach Your Child to Read Very Successfully!
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