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700 Mots Français and You

Live the magic that is French
Course from Udemy
 99 students enrolled
Memorise and understand at least 700 French words.
Learn the gender of French vocabulary words.
Have access to at least 700 French words right from memory.
Be able to pronounce French words properly.
Become knowledgeable of essential French words from various topics.

Are you interested in learning French Vocabulary? 

This course contains at least 700 French words from various topics, from animals and numbers to physical landscapes and furnitures. 

Discover the proper gender of each French word in this easy and simple learning method.

No complicated grammar, however this course will teach you subject pronouns, most common French verbs for easy understanding, which will eventually aid in sentence development and French articles.

Teaching method - old school: 

Just Listen, Repeat and Memorise

Learn at your own pace and repeat lectures as many times as you like in order to make the words stick to your mind.

700 Mots Français and You
$ 94.99
per course
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