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Microsoft Certification for SQL server 70-762 Practice Test

Crack Microsoft Certification for SQL server 2016, Exam 70-762 Developing SQL Databases in very first attempt
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Get deep knowledge of SQL server
developing sql databases

Update Alert —

27 Nov 2020

  • Re-Written Practice test -3 and 4 with improved English.

26 Nov 2020

  • Re-Written Practice test -1 and 2 with improved English.

  • Added new practice test 5 and added 5 questions in that.

  • Adding new 40+ questions soon.

Updated on  8 Jan 2018. Added 15 new questions.

Course updated on 16 Oct 2017,Added new questions in set 1 & 2 also added new question set 3.

The level of questions in this practice test series is similar to the real certification exam. 

Microsoft Certification for SQL server 2016 Exam 70-762 Test series  

70-762 developing SQL databases practice test

This course contains 5 Practice test for Microsoft Certification exam 70-762 developing SQL databases for SQL server 2016.

It covers 100% of the Microsoft certification syllabus. 

You can find questions more on the practical side, they will help you to solve your real time problems.


Design and implement a relational database schema

Design and implement indexes

Design and implement views

Implement columnstore indexes

Ensure data integrity with constraints

Create stored procedures

Create triggers and user-defined functions

Implement transactions

Manage isolation levels

Optimize concurrency and locking behavior

Implement memory-optimized tables and native stored procedures

Optimize statistics and indexes

Analyze and troubleshoot query plans

Manage performance for database instances

Monitor and trace SQL Server baseline performance metrics.

Microsoft Certification for SQL server 70-762 Practice Test
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