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7 Tips for Surviving Your First Year on the Mission Field

Missionary training with practical tips to set yourself up for long-term success on the mission field.
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Be equipped with strategies to remain effective on the mission field for years to come.

If God has called you to Christian full-time overseas missions, you need missionary training and this course will help set you up for success and sustainability for long-term ministry. We teach practical lessons for living on the mission field. This course is not about doctrine nor how to do your ministry. It is not tied to a denomination or missions agency; it is designed for everyone. Rather, we train missionary candidates and new missionaries the lessons we learned as full-time missionaries in Guatemala and then Uganda for over 7 years, bringing 4 of our 5 children with us, on how not just to survive, but to thrive. Learn from our struggles and what we gleaned from others. It won't teach you everything, but it will equip you with many of the tools needed for living overseas.

7 Tips for Surviving Your First Year on the Mission Field
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