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7 techniques to build resilience

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What is resilience?
Simple and yet effective techniques to build resilience.

7 techniques to build resilience is a crisp course for anyone looking for techniques to overcome challenges in life. It prepares the learner with self help tools. The 7 modules are easy to understand and implement. The instructors follow a story based approach to explain the concepts. Resilience is about striking back in life. This course prepares you to face any challenging situation, let it be career, personal or relationships. The modules are designed in such a way that will make the student get up and step into action. Each module gives the action plan. There is community support provided although the course is free of charge.

The 7 techniques are: Ditch your comfort zone and Dare to Dream, Strong positive beliefs that help you grow, You have done it in the past, you can do it now, Improve your self talk and stories you tell yourself, Impulse control to delay the gratification, Be rejection proof and accept the rejection, Become a positivity magnet and attract the desired things in life.

Each one of us faces challenges in life and we feel a break downs. Either we can succumb to the situation or rise above it. It requires strength to rise above the situation. This course prepares you for the same.

7 techniques to build resilience
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