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How to Study: 7 Supervillains of Study | Get Ya PhD

A course for any student who wants to enhance their study skills.
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How to Study
Study more effectively
Get a PhD
PhD Study

This course will enhance your journey to “Get Ya PhD.”

To be honest, replace the word, “PhD” with anything else and these concepts help you achieve what you want through STUDY. Throughout my PhD, I developed key principles that you'll learn as the 7 Supervillains of Study:

  1. Discipline from Voldemort

  2. Focus with The Eye of Sauron

  3. Seriousness with The Joker

  4. Organization from Thanos

  5. Skills with Loki

  6. Resources from Ultron

  7. Productivity with Darth Vader

How to Study: 7 Supervillains of Study | Get Ya PhD
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