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7 Steps to Fast Track Your Music Career

Music Business & Artist Strategy
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Understand the concepts behind digital marketing
Know how to get press
Know how to get more radio play
Know what a record label wants
Know what booking agents want
Know what managers want
Have a strategy in place to get a music publishing deal
Learn how to claim music expenses back on tax
Understand Facebook best practice
Understand YouTube best practice
Understand why Live streaming is important
Understand how song royalties are commonly divided
Understand key concepts in the music industry which will benefit your career
Learn how to make money whilst you sleep as a musician
Learn how to sell more merch
Learn how to sell merch without spending a cent
Learn how to sell merch you don't have
Understand the value of contracts
Understand the purpose of different music contracts
Understand social media algorithms

This course will up-skill you very efficiently in best practice and current music business models but more importantly artist strategy! That is, things artists can do and use to increase their fanbase, profile and income extremely aggressively. You'll learn;

- How to get radio play

- How to sell out shows

- How to earn more money instantly, 

- How to sell merch without spending a cent

- How to have a full merch store by THIS EVENING without spending a cent 

- Digital Marketing for musicians 

- Best practice on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more

- Contracts

- How to get a record label, management, publishing, and booking agent deal

- Much, much more.

If you're planning on having a career in music then this information is essential. 

7 Steps to Fast Track Your Music Career
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