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Easy Card Tricks: 7 Steps to Card Mentalism

Impress anyone with a single deck of cards. No set up, no props or gimmicks. 7 easy tricks you can use anywhere...
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Amazing people everywhere you go with just a pack of cards and your AMAZING Mind Reading skills.

7 Steps to Card Mentalism. Video Training Course. Extremely easy to do!

In the development of this course we taught a 12 year old kid. A Singaporean with english as a second language, and even a 72 year old grandma who learned and performed some of these in minutes.

You can use any deck of card, even a borrowed deck! No one can accuse you of rigging a pack or having marked cards with these powerful mentalism tricks.

No gaffs, gimmicks or complicated props required.

So many tricks on sale are very disappointing when you actually learn how they work as you often have to spend ages rigging the deck or buying expensive props, meaning you can't do them when asked to on the spot, with 7 steps to card mentalism you can perform them, anywhere, anytime with just a single pack of cards, yours, or theirs!

Easy Card Tricks: 7 Steps to Card Mentalism
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