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Beat College: 7 Step Formula to Get Straight A's

Learn the counter-intuitive hacks used by the best students to get straight A's without painful hours in the library
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Cut your study time
Get better grades
Significantly reduce school-related stress

Why do some students get straight A's while barely doing any work while others spend painful hours in the library and still get B's and C's?

In this course, I'll show you the step by step system and hacks ALL straight A students use to do well in school with little to no stress while spending more time doing the things they want. Inside, we'll cover the entire formula and explain concepts such as the 'Golden Pyramid', the '6 Beat College rules' and hacks such as 'how to get others to study for you and thank you for it'.

Here is the full curriculum for this course:

  1. Part 1 - YOU -- In the first 4 videos, you'll learn simple changes you need to make to how you think -- changes I learned from a plastic surgeon from the 1960's -- to instantly get better grades
  2. Part 2 - PRINCIPLES -- In the next 3 videos, you'll learn the 6 rules you NEED to follow if you want straight A's while spending most of your time hanging out with friends
  3. Part 3 - The 7 Step Formula - In this section, I'll show you the exact 7 steps every straight A student follows -- and how to do each.
  4. Part 4 - 'The Secret Strategy to Cut Your Study Time in Half' - You'll learn a discovery I made after Kobe Bryant's best game of his career that let me cut my studying in half or more
  5. Part 5 - How to Hack Tests, Essays, Projects, Presentations and Homework
  6. Bonus Videos
    1. My Favorite 'Beat College Hacks'
    2. Beating Procrastination
    3. The Top 10 GPA Killing Mistakes
    4. How To Become a Learning Machine
    5. Mastering Time Management
    6. How To Naturally Have Really High Energy Levels
    7. How To Take Great Class Notes (but why going to class is optional)
    8. How To Schedule Your Classes
    9. How To Take The Test Like a Champ

I was so frustrated with all the hoops I had to jump through in college that I felt weren't going to help be succeed later in life that I spent 2 years following around straight A students and reading 231 books on high performance. My goal with this course is to help you realize that there is a better (and more efficient) way to go about your college education.

Beat College: 7 Step Formula to Get Straight A's
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