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7 Resources Required to Fill Your Pipeline

This course explores the idea that the size of the pipeline may be the cause of your team's and your sales struggles.
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Explore the importance of the sales process and how to build a successful pipeline.
Identify 5 areas that you can improve to keep the pipeline fluid.
Discover 25 resources to keep your pipeline always full.
Recognize how social media and current clients can help build your pipeline.

Today’s selling professionals are faced with a myriad of challenges and sales managers are constantly stressed about meeting organizational goals. Yet, through all the competition and all of the challenges, every sales manager will ask the sales person “What is in the Pipeline?”

The revenue projections, the commission checks, and the accolades are all based on what is in the queue. If your team struggles to get revenue or the sales process struggles, it might be based on the size of the pipeline – and in sales – size does matter!

7 Resources Required to Fill Your Pipeline
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